Sunday, January 09, 2011

Encode and Decode in Galileo GDS.

This is my first post about Galileo GDS. I am trying to learn GDS systems. I am working in an agency that's why they are trying to teach me this GDS system. Pls help me to learn Galileo and I will help others to learn this.

Today we will know how to Encode and Decode in Galileo GDS.
Firstly sign on with your agent ID.

Then we will encode the city. Sometime we forget the city code but if you know the city name then you will get city code.
Write down this line

and press enter. The screen will be shown like below the screen.
Here [.CE] means City Encode and [DHAKA] is the city name of  which code you forget.
Then you will get the city code (DAC) city name (DHAKA) and the country code of that city.

If you want to decode the city code then write down
.CD DAC & press enter.
 Here [.CD] means City Decode and [DAC] city code that you want to know the name.
These text will appear in front of you.

You can now also encode and decode the airline name and code.
To decode [SQ] write down
.AD SQ & press enter.
Here [.AD] means Airline Decode and [SQ] the code of airline.
Then this screen will show to you
That means SQ is the code of Singapore Airlines and 618 is the numeric code of that airline.

You can also try Airline Encode like shown below.

No more today...Next time I will come with more information about GDS, Travel and Airlines Industry.


Harshitha said...

Thanks for the information. Expecting some more information about Galilio

Anonymous said...

thanx u for giving such a information iwant more about gds plsz my emailid

OririnUK said...

Does this only works with cmd command prompt?

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